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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Hang Flyers in your Community
Print out flyers for our upcoming events and post at your local library, coffee shop, doctor's or veterinary office, food store, etc. Be sure to ask permission to post before hanging flyers. Contact the office for upcoming events.

NOFA Organic Land Care Program Event Help
Upcoming events are listed on the Organic Land Care website.

Volunteer outreach coordinator
Research events where CT NOFA materials can be displayed.
Contact them for permission to display outreach materials.
Develop outreach materials.
Go to events or help schedule other volunteers to go to event.
Contact Deb Legge for more information at

Goes to CT NOFA events with camera and takes pictures.
Gets people’s names that are in pictures and permission to use pictures.
Writes stories for Gleanings/ press releases/ website.
Contact Deb Legge for more information at

Distribution Coordinator
Annual guide distribution - April through July - coordinates other volunteers statewide.
Periodic checking in of distribution points to see if they need more materials
Contact Deb Legge for more information at

News Watch
Reads the newspapers, watches TV and listens to the radio for mention of CT NOFA or its members.
Clips articles and records shows and archives them.
Formatting to digital files would be ideal for website and permanent saving. This can be done by the same or different volunteer.
Contact Deb Legge for more information at

Join a committee:
Taste! Organic Connecticut - contact Jim Roby at
Fundraising - contact Janet Heller at
Organic Land Care - contact Kim Stoner at
Cultivating an Organic Connecticut Conference - contact Leanne Davis at



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