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Organic Farms in Connecticut: As of October 2002, CT NOFA no longer certfies organic farms in Connecticut. The farms listed here, though, were certified up until October 2002 by CT NOFA. Please browse this list to find a farm near you.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) in Connecticut: Community supported agriculture (CSA) is an innovative way to connect farmers and consumers in a mutually beneficial relationship - the consumer buys a portion of the harvest in advance and receives a weekly share of the produce available at the farm. This way the consumer receives a regular supply of fresh organic vegetables and the farmer receives regular compensation for her/his work. There are a number of CSAs in Connecticut - please browse the list to find the one nearest you.

Farmers Markets' in Connecticut: CT NOFA has published this list of Farmers Markets' in Connecticut to help you find fresh local produce. Please feel free to locate and patronize the nearby Farmers Markets' using this list!

Organic Landcare in Connecticut: CT NOFA has partnered with NOFA Massachusetts in creating a regional organic land care program. The Organic Landcare Committee recognizes and accredits organic land care professionals and provides information about organic land care in the area.

Farm Tours: CT NOFA has information about various farm tours in and around the state. Follow this link to learn more about these tours.


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