Taste! Organic Connecticut

10am - 4pm, September 10, 2006
Topmost Herb Farm, Coventry CT

Rain or Shine

Directions to Topmost Herb Farm

Menu - Pictures of Yesteryear

Fall Festival - Organic Farmer's Market - Children's Activities Educational Workshops - Music - Craft Vendors
Food! Food! Food!

Admission: Pay at the Entrance Tent
$5 for ages 12 - 80
Free Parking
No Pets Please!


All Day

Craft Vendors and Farmer's Market: Main Street

Food! Food! Food!: Food Tent in front of Historic House


10:00am Music

Will Hare's Roaming Bagpipes


10:30am Music

Kidsville Kuckoo Revue,
which "thrills their audienes with dance-a-long and sing-a-long music" the whole family will enjoy.


11:00am Workshops

Growing Garlic at Waynes Organic Garden, Wayne and Marilyn Hansen
Learn the secrets to growing great garlic fram a great garlic grower. Alo learn how to braid garlic. Marilyn and Wayne own and operate Wayne's Organic garden and Marilyn's Baskets in Oneco. Tent 1

Compost and Mulch: Great Allies, Carole Miller.
Learn the bascs for making compost and using mulch, and discover their any benefits to your gardens. Take a walk with Carole, owner of Topomst; visit the compost heap and tour the mulched veggie garden. Tent 2

Weed Walk* Entrance Tent


11:30am Music

Electric Trains,
playing railroad songs ranging from folk to blues.


1:00pm Workshops

Managing the Backyard Chicken Flock, Winter Caplanson.
Have you ever wanted to have your own flock of laying hens? come discuss chicken breed selection, starting a flock, crooding, rearing pullets, egg production, housing, equipment, feeding, and methods of free-ranging. We will also shar samples of Sleepy Moon's famous Garden Goddess Egg Yolk soap! Tent 1

Organic Land Care, BettyLou Sandy.
Learn about organic land care from an Accredited Organic Land Care Professional. Tent 2

Weed Walk* Entrance Tent

Watch out for the Stileristas Stilt Walking Troupe, which will be taking things up a notch throughout the afternoon.


1:30pm Music

The Can Kickers,
playing high-energy old-time music featuring a banjo, fiddle and drums.


2:00pm Workshops

The Magic of the Gourd Plant, Dawn davis.
Learn about the many varieties of gourds (ones of the oldest known cultivated plants) grown here in Connecticut and some of the wonderful things that you can do with them. Dawn has spent 9 years learning how to grow, dry, design and preserve gourds using basic tools. Come along and see wat a little gourd seed can become! Tent 1

Seed Saving, Bryan Connolly.
Learn how you can save seeds for heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables from an expert. Tent 2

Weed Walk* Entrance Tent


2:30pm Music

Echo Uganda,
a 10 piece traditional Ugandan Folk Music Group.


3:00pm Workshops

Shitake Mushrooms Growing for Beginners, Bryan O'Hara.
Shitake Mushrooms are straightforward and reiable to produce. Learn hoe to inoculate logs and maintain them for production. Enjoy the benefits of these easy to grow mushrooms. Tent 1

Storing for the Winter, Teresa Schact.
Plan ahead! Lean hoe to store cool-weather vegetables and preserve summer's harvest for use all winter long.


* Weeds walk led by Rosemari Roast, Pam Brundage, Pamela Quayle and Teresa Schact.


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